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Destination weddings are a great time for the bride, groom, and their guests. You can have a smaller, more intimate wedding, in a location that is spectacular or has meaning to you as a couple (or both!). Odds are, you've spent a lot of time figuring out the perfect location for your special day.

After you decide on a location, and possibly a specific venue, you need to decide on your photographer. You want your day to be documented visually so that the location you've selected shines. Most people feel that they have to find a photographer from the area of the venue to document their day.

Many venues recommend a specific photographer. Some of them do so quite strongly. Consider carefully whether you want to hire your photographer solely because they pay your venue to advertise them. Is their photography good? Does their style match what you dream of for your wedding? Would you rather have a photographer that works on your schedule and can meet you anywhere?

Hyak Photography is an international award winning studio. Our work is internationally recognized and we love to photograph new locations showing the uniqueness of the venue and your wedding.

Hyak Photography has no travel fees anywhere in the US and Canada with very minimal fees anywhere else in the world. Marcia and I have traveled not only to most of the US but to a considerable portion of the world and love the challenge of new and unique locations. (Want your wedding in Antarctica? Get me my last continent and your wedding package is on us.)

We get the chance to get to know you ahead of time, communicate on your schedule, and understand what you need and want out of your wedding photography. We have many brides who have never been in our studio. Skype and FaceTime allow us to communicate with clients across the United states.

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