We invest in locations with aesthetically pleasing shooting sets, separate hair and makeup room and separate wardrobe rooms when possible. These may be luxury hotels, boutique hotels, or other properties secured through the very reputable sites Airbnb.com and Homeaway.com. We have vetted them by talking to their staff and looking through their photos. It's rare that we are on site until the day before the event so we aren't able to answer specific questions on things like exact colors, number of mirrors, the exact parking situation, or the texture of the ceilings.

We have a high repeat rate and are always trying to secure locations that are a fresh new experience every time. Sometimes this means that we have to pick a venue up to a half hour outside the event city.

Personnel | Sometimes one of us gets sick, so there is always an off chance that you won't get the photographer that you want. We are going to guarantee that your photographer, stylists, and assistants will be competent professionals. We also may ask if it's okay to have a photographer in training working under the supervision of the primary photographer.

Studio Liability and Performance | We're going to take great care of your photos, right from capture to delivery of your final product. Unfortunately sometimes something goes wrong. We can't guarantee that any particular photo that we take is going to make it through our stringent editing process. Don't worry, we will show you plenty of the best photos we took. In some cases something goes wrong enough (fire, flood, acts of God, accidents, missing cards, stolen cameras, etc.) and in these cases our liability won't extend beyond refunding your money.

Artistic Style | Our work is constantly evolving and of a unique and differing style. We will use our artistic judgement to create images consistent with our vision which may be different from previous works. We're going to show you awesome photos, and they are going to be close to what we've shown before but every client is different and needs to be photographed slightly differently. An entire session can not be rejected on aesthetic merit.

Inherent Qualities | Photographs may fade or discolor over time due to the inherent qualities of dyes, inks and materials and you agree to release us from any liability for any claims based upon such fading or discoloration. Prints made at different times, from different cameras, or from digital media vs. film, are expected to have variations from each other in color balance and finish. Proof images may bear watermarks indicating they are proofs and showing the Studio's name and copyright information. All print sizes are nominal sizes, not exact measure. Many of our products do have lifetime guarantees, either from us or from our vendor. We'll do our best to honor those completely (and our guarantees are for almost anything) but a certain amount of fading happens, and no two products look exactly the same. Books are subject to discoloration at the creases over time. Samples shown at time of session are generally true examples of wear and tear over time, and some have been handled by hundreds of people.

Retainer Payments | Once you pay us for your session, we are going to stop marketing that time slot. If for some reason you are unable to make your appointment, we will make an effort to fill it but some or all of your payments may not be refundable.

Couple's Sessions | Couples sessions are allowed, additional fees may apply and pre-approval from us is required (we know all of you are just looking for beautiful photos, but there are cases when we have to comply with additional laws). Sessions are generally photographed with a woman as the star of the show.

Military Discount | We offer a 15% discount on session fee for military personnel or their spouses. Pretty much if you're in the military, or the photos are for someone in the military, let us know so you can get the discount.

Promotional Discounts | Like pretty much anyone else, you can only use one discount at a time, even if you qualify for more than one. Any promotional discounts on session fees do not apply to order minimums.

Non-Participants | There are no non-participants of any kind allowed at any sessions. This includes children. If you need a friend with you, you are more than welcome to get a friend and book your sessions together.

Hair & Makeup | Sessions are a process starting with hair and makeup and is not only an important part of the process but also an important part of the schedule for our events to run smoothly. That said, this is a makeover with your photo session, so you do need to have hair and makeup done by our stylist before photography. It really just works better that way, and we're talking from years of experience on this. If clients have any allergies or sensitivity to makeup or product, they are welcome to bring their own products and discuss their use with the makeup artist.

Clients may expect to spend 45-60 minutes in hair and makeup per look (Single sessions have one hair & makeup and Double sessions have two) and 40 minutes of photography time per hair & makeup style. The rest of the time is used for wardrobe changes, lighting and set changes and your perusal of our product line on display.

It is the Client's responsibility to make sure she is happy with hair and makeup before shooting. Please check your look when the stylist asks you to and make any change requests at that time. Due to the use of studio lighting, the makeup will be applied heavier than is normally worn with makeup designed to withstand the hot lights. We want you to be completely happy with your hair and makeup and will make every effort to reach that point before photography begins and will not offer refunds for hair & makeup concerns brought up after the session.

Proofing Gallery | Proofs will be delivered approximately two weeks after the date of your session and the proofing gallery is live on our site for seven days for you to view and order from. The site really does go away after seven days. Even with a password we don't like to keep boudoir photos in web galleries. The proofing galleries are provided for image selection only. You've seen all of the FBI warnings at the beginning of movies, and the same does apply here. We offer a variety of digital options to suit nearly any need you have. Gallery extensions are available for an additional seven day period for $50.

Minimum Orders | Print order minimums are as follows: $295 for Single session and $695 for a Double session (promotional discounts do not apply to order minimum). Orders must be placed by the date the gallery expires. We offer a wide variety of flexible (no interest!) payment plan options all of which can be started with a down payment of as little as the order minimum amount. Unless otherwise instructed, we will charge the card on file for your order. We begin to process product orders as soon as payment is received in full.

Dates and Estimates | We do our best to provide accurate estimates and dates. Unfortunately sometimes things get in the way and something gets delayed in shipping, we have to reorder a book that didn't quite live up to our strict quality goals. We will do our best to ensure that we keep to our estimated delivery dates, but they are just estimates. We are at the mercy of shipping companies just like everyone else.

Reschedules | We try to plan everything for an event well in advance. We can't account for weather, wars, illness, or anything else outside of our control. In the extremely rare event that we do need to reschedule an event we will work with everyone on the best solution to make it up including rescheduling, moving you to an event in another city, gift cards, or simply refunding your money and keeping you aware of when we'll be in your area next.

Delivery | Claims for damage, non-delivery, or shortages will not be considered unless notified in writing within seven days of delivery. Hyak Photography is not liable for incorrect addresses given by clients on their order forms nor are we liable for loss of product left at given address. All deliveries are delivered signature required.

Retouching | Basic retouching is applied to proofs. Print ready retouching will only be applied to images purchased and is included in the cost of prints. We do our best to honor any of your requests on specific retouching, but retouching is as much an art form as the photography itself and falls under the same artist style clauses.

Confidentiality | Photographers are a little bit like bartenders, hair dressers, and other people that you may tell things you wouldn't tell anyone else. (It's okay, everyone does). If you let us know that something is confidential we'll do our best to keep it so except as required by law.

Personal Use | Hyak Photography's services and products are for personal use only. Any professional or commercial use of our copyrighted images is prohibited without express written permission from the studio.

Scheduling & Fees | Clients may request their preferred time slot, however slots are assigned on a first come first served basis determined by the date and time contracts are received. We will assign slots as close as possible to the desired time selected. If you don't let us know a specific time, then, we'll do our best to assign a time that we hope works for you. Let us know if it doesn't and we'll do our best to change it for you.

Orders | When ordering, give us a brief note if there is a change to be requested. We really do our best to honor any requests you make, so let us know if you have a favorite freckle that has a name, or if there's one tooth that you always wanted to be at a slightly different angle. In the end, we will design all products to be artistically pleasing.

Future Orders | We are always happy to take re-orders on your favorite images. We will do our best to process them at the lowest minimum order amount possible if you already know which images you want and what products you want them in. We can also re-upload your gallery for another seven days with a minimum order of $295.

Sizes and Color Matching | While every effort is made to meet the your requirements, all product sizes and colors are approximate. If absolute size accuracy is critical, please contact us in advance so that we can ensure that the lab is able to produce to an exact size or to recommend alternative products. Images may be cropped or otherwise altered to fit ordered product dimensions. Perfect color matching is not always possible between any two products, especially different types of products or products ordered at different times. If an exact color match is required, contact us in advance so that we can work with you on the best solution.

Prices | All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Packages are generally extremely time limited (usually for your web gallery duration, but occasionally even for just a day) because they tend to be pegged to specials our vendors are running. We do honor your price list for at least 30 days, and if something has gone down in price you do get the lower price. We are a large studio using a computerized sales system, so we can't negotiate on prices or packages. We are very clear up front on what the prices are and how long specials last, just like your supermarket.

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