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Hyak Photography is an international award winning destination wedding photography studio headed by husband and wife team John & Marcia MacDonald.

John MacDonald

John's passion for photography has followed him since childhood and has earned him a number of professional nicknames over the years. His technical precision and artistic flair enhance his preferred styles; intimate images of faces and epic, wide images where the subject is simultaneously the focus and a piece of a larger puzzle.

John is also an accomplished knitter, and is currently fascinated with cashmere & silk ties. What little free time he has left is devoted to his electronics hobby… another lifelong interest.

John is also a private pilot and loves to travel, which he often is able to do as a wedding photographer. He is hoping to add continent seven to his list by participating in a photo journey to Antarctica, possibly swinging through Africa again so he and Marcia reach seven together.

Marcia MacDonald

A vibrant & creative photographer from the Tri-Cities, Marcia provides a sense of whimsy to John's style. She brings exceptional people skills to the table with a background as a teacher and a master's degree in intercultural ministry.

When not photographing, Marcia owns and operates a yarn shop catering to knitting and crocheting. The spring summer season of weddings and senior portraits dovetails well with the autumn and winter nature of yarn sales.

Marcia is also well traveled, having added Peru this year, but still needs Africa to get the six major continents. She may join John on a trip to Antarctica some day to round out her set, too.

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