Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

Q: Wait! Your studio isn't anywhere near my wedding?
A: In today's world travel is really easy and the connected world makes showing you images anywhere you are really convenient. With the studio move, we're also offering no travel charges anywhere in the US, so now is the perfect time to book one of the best wedding photographers to fly from Las Vegas just for your wedding. It makes a great conversation starter.

Q: What are Color Corrected Digital Files?
A: All digital files that you receive have been adjusted by hand for color, brightness, noise, straightening and crop. We are very comfortable recommending these for nearly any small print need and many large print requirements.

Q: What does retouching include?
A: All images printed, at any size, by Hyak Photography are retouched by a dedicated and professional editor, usually through our European editing partner. Basic retouching includes adjustments to sharpness, color, and brightness; removing minor spots and skin blemishes; limited background cleanup; reduction of under eye bags and wrinkles; limited stray hair removal; teeth whitening; and limited body shaping (slimming). More advanced retouching is included on wall portraits and nearly any request is possible at an hourly rate.

Q: What do I need to do to get you to hold my wedding date?
A: We operate on a first come first served basis and will hold the date of whoever puts a retainer payment down for that date first. Yes, even friends and family have to play that way, there are no favorites.

Q: How many images do you shoot on an average wedding?
A: That depends. There can be a big difference between the number of frames we shoot and the number of final images we deliver. For some weddings we may only need to shoot 1,000 frames, for another we may have to put the cameras into burst mode and shoot 6,000 because the wind is blowing 40mph and everyone is falling down. We shoot as many frames as we need to provide you with excellent wedding coverage.

Q: How many final images do you deliver?
A: We will deliver about 100 images per hour of coverage for an average wedding with two photographers. More detail intensive weddings will have more, simpler weddings may have less. As coverage increases the number starts to drop off, we often spend more time traveling between locations for instance.

Q: Do I really need an album from my wedding? Aren't digitals enough? I can get a book printed.
A: We feel you need the album. We didn't get one from our wedding, and regret that to this day (and we very much CAN just do it ourselves, we do it for our clients). The a beautiful and durable album can be the first heirloom of your new family, a conversation piece, a work of art in your home, and a lasting reminder of your wedding day.

Q: Do I need a second photographer?
A: We recommend it. A second photographer adds about 20% to the overall photo count and frees your lead photographer up to spend more time with you. The second photographer also adds a second viewpoint for the ceremony, increases reception coverage, and can focus more on the small details that makes your wedding special.

Q: What is a day of event slideshow?
A: Only one of the greatest gifts you can gift to yourself and your guests! We'll actually put together a selection of the days images, very lightly edit them, and show them on a screen during your reception.

Q: What are parent albums? Why do I want them?
A: Parent albums are smaller versions of your main album. There are lighter and much less expensive options that are fantastic gifts for the wedding party, too. Essentially they are books to give away to important people in your life.

Q: Is first look better than waiting to see each other at the ceremony?
A: One is not inherently better than the other. On the west coast first look is more common because there often is not much of a break between wedding ceremony and reception so it is easier to take the creative location portraits before the ceremony. The east coast tends to have a significant cocktail hour between ceremony and reception where we can take your epic location photos. We like both styles and it's a personal preference (ask your groom, they often care about this!) for you to decide. Simply remember to structure your day to provide ample time not just for photography but for travel between any photography locations you want to use.

Q: I have another question!
A: Contact us! We'd love to answer any wedding photographer question you have, and maybe even include it here.

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